Dear visitor,

The exhibition ‘Museum of Sport’ is composed of more than 450 objects including t-shirts, torches, tools, balls and other gadgets. All of them are originals or replicas signed by the sportsmen who carried out the gesta or triumph that they symbolize. In our philosophy signing on a T-shirt is the differential factor that turns the piece of cloth into a piece of history. And we have tried to create the smallest possible barriers so that during its route can touch the majority of articles and to be able to give free rein so to the mythomania that all the fans to the sport of some way we carry inside.

The selection process has been long and careful. And these items have often been purchased from well-known third-party collectors. That is why there is a risk – although practically nonexistent – that some object or signature may not be authentic. We thank in advance any visitor to inform us of any anomaly or suspicion that he may detect. And in any case we keep in our files documentation that proves the majority of the processes of obtaining both objects and their signatures. Any doubt or suggestion you may have in this respect can send us via email to the address contacto@museodeldeporte.es